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Saturday, May 17, 2014

How to pray for healing of the lower back pain ?

        Although there are many reasons to cause the lower back pain in everyone's body, we can always help others to get  heal by prayer with the power of the Holy spirit.The following procedure can be used for any Spirit-filled Christian. If you are not Spirit-filled yet, it will be quite difficult to see the result as you hope for.

1. Preparation

(1). Have the person who needs to be
       pray for to stand up.

(2). Ask the person to hold both hands 
      over the pelvic bone which are on
      both side of the waist area.
      (women tends to be lower than men's

(3). Be sure there is a chair placed right
       behind the person in case fall down
       will happen as the Holy Spirit or 
       angels will minister to the person in
       the process.

2. Time to pray for the pelvic area

(1) Invite the Holy Spirit to come by 
      simple saying "Come , Holy Spirit."

(2) Lay your hand on both hand of the
      person while he or she is holding the
      his or her pelvic bone area already. It 
      would be nice to have two people
      (one should be female if the person
      who needs prayer is  a female) to
      pray for the person and lay one hand
      on each side over that person's
      hand.It would be a better
      arrangement especially that person
      is a female.

(2) In Jesus name to command the pelvic
      bone to rotate until it goes back to its
      proper position.

(3) Wait for about one minute to see if it
      will rotate and sometimes, it will start
      to rotate in just a few second or even
      right away.The person can just feel it
      and and see it if there is a mirror
      right in front of the person.

(4) If there is something to be rotate
      about, it will keep on rotate in clock-
      wise, anti-clock-wise, back and forth
      or so for about 5 -20 minutes depends
      on the physical condition of the  
      person. If there is no movement at
      all, that means the person has nothing
      to be rotate about.

(5) During the process, ask the person to
      have the eyes open and keep saying
      thank you Jesus, praise Jesus or 
      hallelujah because the bone will
      usually move faster when one is
      willing to do so.

(6) When the bone stop to rotate, then it
       will stop.

3. Have the person to sit down

(1)  Have the person to sit comfortably on
       a chair. (a chair with back and never
       use a round chair without any back
       on it.)

(2)  Lift up the both of the person's leg to
       an angle (no need to 90 degree all the
       time, especially the person can lift up
       the legs to 30 degree and feel pain
       already) where you can measure the
       length of both legs to see whether  
       one foot is shorter than the other. (It
       will always happen when anybody
       has lower back pain, one leg will be
       shorter than the other one. ) 

(3) You can measure it by placing both of
      your hand on that person's ankle 
      area. One thumb on one side of each
      ankle and the other four fingers
      holding the other side of the ankle. 
      Then you will see which of your hand
      is closer to your body , then that leg is
      the longer one.

(4) In Jesus name to command the
      shorter leg to grow out until it is
      being even with the other leg. (You
      will immediately see the leg grow out
      and the person can see it and feel it

(5) Have the person to say "thank you,
      Jesus" ,  ask the person to stand up
     and do something which that person 
     couldn't do before prayer and see
     whether he or she is completely heal
     or has big improvement already.
     (Such as bending his or her body back
      and forth or move the leg up and


     If the person is not heal at once, you
     can pray a second or even the third
     time. Sometimes the healing is 
     progressive and not all the time
     instantly. However, if you are willing
     to pray for the person and the person
     is open to receive prayer, healing will

Note : The leg maybe going back and
             forth during the prayer time but it
             is okay and it will goes back to
             proper position after the 
             adjustment. If not, all you have 
             to do is to command it to goes  
             even with the other leg and it will
             be done in Jesus name.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How to heal the the upper back pain by prayer?

Healing The Whole Man is a highly recommended book on Healing by Joan Hunter (A must for healing prayer since it consists of over 460 prayer on different diseases and sickness. A very powerful and useful handbook for you.)

It is easy to heal the upper back pain by prayer if 

you are Spirit-filled Christian. However, if you are 

still not a Spirit-filled Christian, you should 

consider to be filled by the Holy Spirit before you can 

experience the power of the holy Spirit in a full sense. 

being an Evangelical Christian for more than 15 years, I was 

shocked by how the Holy Spirit could do in my life. First of 

all, He has transformed my worship and prayer life even 

since then. When I was first being filled by the Holy Spirit, I 

just love to pray and worship like never before. That's why I 

have learned all kinds of prayer after that. The following 

prayer is one of the prayer I have learned over youtube and I 

have experienced how it really works for many people after I 

started to pray for people. It is simple and very practical. it is 

a prayer on how to heal the upper back pain. You can pray 

for others and also apply it to yourself as well. the 

procedures and prayer are as following:

1. Get the person who has upper back pain to stand 


2. Lay your hand on the base of the skull (just behind the 

    neck will be alright) of the person.

3.Then pray : In Jesus name,I command the base of the 

                     skull to line up with every vertebrate on 

                     his/her back.

4. I curse the pain to be gone in Jesus name.

5. I command the muscle from the neck all along his/her 

    upper back to his/her upper chest to be relax in Jesus 


6. The last step which is the most important and amazing 

    step : Have the person to extend both arms to straight 

    forward but leave about an inch from between to  

    measure her arm to see which one is shorter. Then 

    command the shorter arm to grow in Jesus name and be 

    even with the other arm in length.

7. Ask the person to say "thank you Jesus" before he/she 

   will check her back to see the pain is really gone. That's it!

Note : Condition 1. If the person doesn't have any arm 

                             which is shorter than the other one, then

                             you don't need to do the last step. That 

                             means you don't need to command

                             any arm to grow since there is nothing to 

                             be grow about. Just pray the first

                             three steps and have the person to thank 

                             Jesus before the checking of the

                             back done.

           Condition 2. Sometimes the arm will grow back and 

                               forth for adjustment for a short while. 

                              Just let God's angels to minister to that 

                              person until it eventually get even with 

                              the other arm.  (usually it will take one 

                              minute or two and you just comfort the 

                              person by saying that's God's work on 

                               you, just relax and let it finish. no need 

                               to be afraid or worry.
           Condition 3. If the arm grow out a bit then stop, all 

                              have to do is to command like this

                              saying : "you  devil, get out of her life 

                              right now in Jesus name." You need to

                              do so just because the situation is not 

                               just a normal self-created pain such

                               as working to hard or inappropriate 

                               posture. Since the pain is created by

                               the devil , then you have to command it 

                               to be gone in Jesus name. You will

                               probably see the arm comes up at once 

                               after that.

         Condition 4. If the pain is not gone all at once, you 

                             can pray it one or two more times

                             since some people don't get instant 

                             healing just by praying once. It is

                             perfectly alright to pray for a person a 

                             few more times before a healing

                             occurs. Even Jesus pray for a  blind 

                             person twice in one of His healing

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Healing The Whole Man is a highly recommended book on Healing by Joan Hunter (A must for healing prayer since it consists of over 460 prayer on different diseases and sickness. A very powerful and useful handbook for you.)
 Enjoy the following example and see it for 

 yourself. This person may pray it differently, but 

it still works. There is always more than one to 

pray for healing in God's kingdom. As the Holy 

Spirit moves, miracles will happen. We should never limit 

God's way in healing . Praise God for His mercy and 

healing grace at all times.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Book Review on There is more by Randy Clark

Randy Clark was a Baptist minister who wanted to be used by God in a mighty way. However, when it comes to  the issue of healing, he wanted to experience more in the power of the Holy Spirit. By the grace of God, he encounter the power of the Holy Spirit in a new way and his healing ministry began. After he spent more times in his study and experience God's power in the new way, he understand that there is always more in the Spirit realm when God manifest His power and the glory of God will always surprise us if we press in to know more about God's way of doing things. "There is more" is the title of this book and Randy wants to use this book to help his readers to reclaiming the power of the impartation.


 Before Randy Clark leads his readers to go any further, he first leads his readers to take a good look on the church history showing that " Miracles have not stopped, but still occur today!" (p.58). By looking at all the reports from the early church fathers, the readers can quickly understand that miracles, healing or all kinds of the power of the Holy Spirit have never stopped as what some of the churches are teaching. In fact, miralce and healing are getting stronger and more powerful than what was before in this end time of this world.The most important point that Randy was trying to make is that : God's power have never stopped and is carrying out from one generation to the next generation through impartation that you and I today can receive and experience as well.
Randy Clark also showed us God's power is manifesting everywhere in this world from as far as Toronto of Canada through John Arnott to Mozambique by Heidi and Rolland Baker as well.
On the other hand , the revival and miracle happened and is still happening in Bethel Church of Redding has also give more encouragement to the readers to chase on God with a fire-like attitude.

This is not just an ordinary book about healing and miralce. It is truly a gift from heaven that will motive and give encouragement to its readers that with a thirsty and a hungry attitude to get to know about God's impartation, more people can be used by God in a mighty way today. Perhaps you will be the next Johnathan Edward or Charles Finney to this century if you are willing to be used by God today.I highly recommended this book to you and your Christian friends after this book has already impact my life.

More Books by Randy Clark :


Friday, May 3, 2013

Book Review on Supernatural Provision by Joan Hunter

Book Review on Supernatural Provision
(Living in financial Freedom) by Joan Hunter
" We received more miracle reports when Joan Hunter was a guest on It's Supernatural ! than from any other interview."
                          --- Sid Roth, Host, It's Supernatural ! TV

       This is surely a book that is worthy to be read by any Christian who is willing to experience God 's supernatural provision in a powerful way on this planet in this century. I was first attracted by the interview which Sid Roth arranged with Joan Hunter on the most popular TV program in Day Star TV. When I started to read this book, I started to understand how God wants to blessing His children with prosperity at all times throughout the Bible. It was Satan who always wants to steal our blessing from God and it was never the heart of the Father who desires His children to live in poverty. In fact, we are always misunderstand the love of our heavenly Father who simply wants to bless His children at all times.Of course sin has also been mentioned in this book on how this problem can be an obstacle for our financial blessing from the heaven above.However, once we have deal with our sin and ask God for His forgiveness and repent on our sin of rebellion, He will just forgive our sin and blessing from heaven will just come like rain to our life like never before.


One of the most special teaching in this book is scriptural tithing. Joan Hunter surely understand what means by financial struggle in her early childhood and in her first marriage as well. However, financial hardship didn't stop her heart towards God. Joan Hunter has successfully shown us in this book that as we sow our seed according to specific Bible verses and as our tithing and offering are lining up with that particular scripture, we will always be blessed. I have to admit that each page will attract me to keep on reading forward and  want to know more as well. However, I think the miracles and all the testimonies involve in this books are the most attractive elements for any Christian who wants to experience God in a new way.

    Joan Hunter is truly a servant of God whom God is using powerfully not just in healing ministries but also in financial breakthrough as well. Joan 's ministries are experiencing financial miracle all the times and what she taught in this book is never a theory but a reality in her life and others as well. You will be amaze in how God can turn around your concept of tithing, offering, donation, faith and trust as well through this book. That's why I highly recommend this book any Christian who wants to experience  a financial breakthrough and miracle in his or her own life. As a matter of fact, I have just found out that someone has just purchased 10 of this book from my account without I really promoting it. I don't know why did that person needs to order 10 of this books for, but I do know one thing : only good book will attract such a fire for people to order that many of the same book. At least I am among one of the reader who can testified that this is really a treasure fro any Christian who wants to experience financial blessing from heaven.


Don't for get to read any testimony at the end of this book for you will be encouraged and amaze on how God can perform miracle in our life. I can guarantee to you that once you have seen all these testimonies, you are going to shock by the love and powerful of God. That means your life will never be the same.May God bless you with this book.


Other books by Joan Hunter:

Thursday, September 6, 2012

How to pray for people with upper back pain ?

Healing can be easy if you know how ? I thought that healing through prayer was really hard in my past Christian year. I thought that only the most anointed Christian or Christian with the gift of healing could do it. After I have really study on the subject and I found that healing isn't that hard and it can be really simple and fun as well. recently, I have encounter some kinds of great teaching from Joan Hunter, Randy Clark, Bill Johnson and David Herzog as well. Among all these great servants of God, I found that Joan Hunter has the highest success rate and it is a teaching that every Spirit-filled Christian can do it. I would say that Joan's model is purely a prayer model that everyone can see instant result in most of the times. However, the other great servants of God are still worthy for us to learn from them as they all have their special expertise in healing and creative miracles as well. I am going to share a simple prayer method on how to pray for people with upper back pain in the following and I hope it will bless those who wants to learn to pray with instant result.
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Ask the the person who wants to receive prayer to stand straight and relax with his or eyes open. At the same time, tell the person not to pray when you are praying for him or her. It is actually hard to receive and while praying at the same time. Some people think that have their eyes close will be better and concentrated in prayer but it will also make that person can't see the miracle happen right before his or her own eyes as well. That's why, just tell the person to keep his or eyes open and see what God will do for him or her.
2. Time to pray
Ask the person to extend both of his or her arms out to measure which arms are shorter than the other one. (In most cases but nit all,one arm will be shorter than the other one in the case of  upper back pain ). Be sure to have a small space between two arms and usually 1mm to 2 mm will do . You just want to make sure that when you command the shorter arm to grow out without getting stuck by the other arms , that's all.

3. Lay hand to pray
Lay one of your hand on the base of the scull of the person and speak in a normal tone that "I command the base of the skull to line up with every vertebrates at this back." Then speak " I curse the pain to be gone while laying hand on the same position (or command the pain to be gone if you don't want to use the term curse). After that, you command the muscles on the neck and all the way to the upper back and the upper chest to be relax (if you feel the person is so tense. If not tense, you can just skip this step.). Last and the most fun part, you command the shorter arm to grow and go back to the proper position and be even with the other arm. That's it.

You will then see the arm just grow out in a few second (wait for a while and ask the person to open his or her eyes and watch what will happen ) until it gets even with the other arm. However, if the arm just growing back and forth , never mind about it. Since The Holy Spirit or maybe the angel is doing the adjustment for the arms, it may take a few seconds for the arms to get even. Just relax and the arms will eventually grow and back to its proper position and be even with the other arm. Just don't worry and watch how fun it is. Tell the person to thank Jesus right away and then start to check his or her own back to see the back is completely heal. If there are still some pain leave, just lay hand on the back and command the pain to be gone completely. Usually when the arms are getting even, there should be no more pain leave on that person's upper back. Be sure you will give all the glory to God and praise God for His healing power. Try it, it is fun and it will happen all the times when you pray according to all the steps.You can pray it to yourself as well whenever you experience upper back pain.God bless you

Monday, July 23, 2012

What does the Bible has to say about healing ?

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There are many Bible verses telling us that God heals . There are also many teaching from the Scripture telling us many things relating to healing and how to deal with diseases as well. The following 5 facts will help us to have a better understanding on the issue of healing.

1. Sickness and diseases are the result of sin

There are clear teaching in the bible saying that whenever God's people will obey God's command, they will be blessed (Deuteronomy 28:1-14). However, when God's people are walking away from God's words and committed in a sinful life and disobedience, it will cause many curses of God to come and diseases are one of the result from all  these curses. For in Deuteronomy (28:58-61), it said :

58 If you do not carefully follow all the words of this law, which are written in this book, and do not revere this glorious and awesome name--the LORD your God-- 59 the LORD will send fearful plagues on you and your descendants, harsh and prolonged disasters, and severe and lingering illnesses. 60 He will bring upon you all the diseases of Egypt that you dreaded, and they will cling to you. 61 The LORD will also bring on you every kind of sickness and disaster not recorded in this Book of the Law, until you are destroyed.

2. God will heal His people 

God will never enjoy punishing His people and seeing them attack by diseases. However,since the result of sin is terrible and Satan will gain the power to attack on any people who doesn't obey God. God in His mercy still promised that He will be the healer of His people.

Exodus 15:26, "I am the LORD that health thee." He is truly a merciful God who is willing to heal our diseases and That's why he said it clear to His people that He will heal their sickness and diseases.
3. Jesus has already paid for our transgressions

We really have to thank God for Jesus, the son of God has came to this world to died for all our sin on the cross and because the 39 lashings on His back, we are healed.That's the payment for our healing. As what Isaiah 53:5 says that :

"But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed"

4.  All Christians have the authority to heal in the name of Jesus

Before Jesus leaved this world to heaven , He commanded His disciples to perform signs and wonders for the purpose of witnessing to the gosple. One of the authority he has already given to all the followers of Christ in Mark 16 :18 being that :

" they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well."

When we start to lay hands on the sick and command the sickness to be gone by faith, healing miracles will happen.

5. Healing is for today

There are no words in the Bible saying that God will only heal His people in the past but not today.In fact, the Bible clearly saying that  "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." (Hebrew 13:8) That's why , all the followers of Christ can boldly pray for others healing without any doubt and fear.

Conclusion :

In order to remove all the obstacles that may become a hindering or blockage of healing, lead the person to confess one's own sin as what the Bible says that " If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." (1 John 1:9) (especially related to that particular disease and some need to deal with generational curses as well) and also dealing with unforgiveness"and forgive us our debts,as we also have forgiven our debtors."(Matthew 6 :12) are the usual two main areas that need to be solved before we can see healing take places. However, there are still many unknown reasons that we won't be able answer them all when dealing with non-healing issue after prayer, we can only being faithful to God's word and keep on praying for the sick and obey on God's command in this and start to pray for people and see healing miracles happen in the name of Jesus, now.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to pray for an hour with joy and faith ?

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Inger Hogstrom
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It is a joyful experience to pray for an hour. Is it a big issue for many Christian ? Well, yes and no is the answer. It hard for many Christian to pray for an hour they can hardly pray for a few minutes each and everyday.For Christian with this kinds of difficulty, how to pray for an hour is a big issue to them. However, if you are a Christian who loves to pray and enjoy to pray all day long and sometimes fast as well, it is not a big issue for you to pray just for one hour per day. "How to pray for an hour with joy and faith?" is what I am going to share in the following :
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4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice eBook
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1. Starting by setting up an hour to pray

    In order for you to experience the joy of praying for an hour, you must first prepare an hour just for the sake of praying. This logical and reasonable to set this hour in your day. If you don't even want to set an hour out of your daily schedule to pray, there is no way you can understand what it means by praying for an hour. What will be the best time to pray for an hour? For sure , in the morning when you first jump out of your bed will always be the best time to pray if you can get up early. Of course you can set another time of the day if you feel so rush in the morning. However, the fact being that you will either getting worry about things of the day once you start to work or you will just feel tired during the night. If you can give God the best hour of your day, you will experience how power is the first hour of your day will be after you meet God in the morning.

2. Starting by giving thanks and praise to God

    The Bible clearly states that "Enter his gates with thanksgiving; go into his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and praise his name.(Psalm 100:4)" When we tried to enter into God's presence, it is always a good way to start up with thanks giving and praise. You can simply thank God for His daily provision to you and your family, thank God for your breathe, thank God for a good sleep, etc. Thank God with small things then, you will feel how blessing you already are for having all these. Everything is a grace of God and God owe us nothing. As long as we can remember this, we will have tons of things to thank God for. We can also start to praise His names since God has many names revealed to us in the bible and each name has its own meaning to tell us how great our God is. You can also praise God for what he did for you  or anythings or anybody that comes up to your mind that you need to praise God for. (That will fill your first 10-15 minutes up in your prayer time)
3. Starting by listening to God's voice

    In this sweet hour of prayer, you don't just keep on speaking at all times, but you can sing out your praise as well and then get into a moment of listening to God's voice. It is better for you to prepare a pen and a notepad (or a notebook) besides you while you start to listen to God. When God speak anything special to you, you can just write it down for your memory or later meditation. God can speak to you with a small still voice in your mind just like when he spoke to the prophet Elijah. He can speak to you with words from the bible, a vision or a picture during your prayer time to you.God will speak to each of us in a unique way that He wants us to get the message .Just sensitive to His voice in this hour when you need to keep your mouth shut and let God speaks.You will be enjoy what He is going to say to you and this is one of the sweetest moment of your prayer hour. (this listening process will takes you to another 10-15 minutes)

4. Starting by Proclaiming God words out aloud

    By proclaiming God's words, you will build up your own faith in prayer.By the time you proclaim God's words , you are the one who is listening as well. God's words will just enter into your spirit and build up your faith at the same time. Since there is power in what you say "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.(Proverbs 18:21)" and also in the words of God So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth;It will not return to Me empty,Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.(Isaiah 55 :11)", there is something going on in the spirit realm as you proclaim God's word out loud. You can choose 10 verses each morning and experience the power of God in this prayer moment in your life.(5-10 minutes is gone)

5. Starting by pray for yourself and your own prayer items

   We will not place our own self in the beginning of the prayer time because God will always be the first focus of our prayer time. However, it is also important to pray for ourselves since God told us to love others like how we love ourselves as what Jesus summarized about the essence of the commandments. We also have the responsibility to manage things about our life. That's nothing wrong to pray for your self except we always place God as our priority in our prayer time. We can also pray for our family members and anything we need to pray about in that last 15 minutes of our one hour prayer meeting with God. (15 minutes will be gone by now).

Conclusion :

   It is how easy to pray for an hour with the suggest timetable from above and you will never right out of things to pray if you will try to use this plan. In case you really have nothing to pray about, you can at least read God's words and get to know God in an intimate way within this hour. It will certainly build up your spirit and draw you closer to God. Actually you can pray bin tongue if you are really running out of things to pray because it is a supernatural language that the Holy Spirit loves to give to every believer. (whether you view it a sign of Spirit-filled experience or as a first sign in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, or any charismatic experience related to this. ) It really helps out your pray and also edify our faith as well.That's why we will never run out of prayer items and we can always pray with the help of the Holy Spirit who can always teach us how to pray according to the Father's will. Start to pray for an hour per day tomorrow, you will experience the joy of prayer and the power from this special prayer meeting with God.